Calling all musicians! will connect you to students seeking lessons for the instrument of your expertise using a live video feed over the internet.  Get paid to teach students right from the comfort of anyplace you can connect a webcam to the internet.

This is a unique job opportunity for musicians with a desire to share their musical knowledge with motivated students on their own terms.  You have complete freedom to set your own schedule, lesson plans and choose your students from devoted music students everywhere with a webcam and the desire to learn.

Most of our students are seeking instruction in piano, guitar, percussion and voice and you will have every opportunity to demonstrate your own unique musical skills as our student base grows around the web increasing demand for all types of musical instruments. will be announcing our grand opening soon, giving you a ground-floor opportunity to be among the first music teachers in history to provide full-service music lessons over the internet.

For more information, please send an e-mail including your resume to with the words “web teacher” in the subject line.


You Tube has taken the plunge to see what happens when you select 70-80 musicians from around the globe, based on their own video performances uploaded to to perform in a symphony orchestrah at Carnegie Hall.

Apparently, the submissions began on December 1st of ’08 and the concert is scheduled for April 15th. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to select and prepare 80 people who’ve never met, let alone performed together, to put on a professional symphony at one of the world’s premiere concert halls.

No matter the outcome, this is slated to be an historic occasion, being the very first orchestra to be compiled via online auditions.

Dear Teachers:

First, I would like to welcome all of you to our blog and new TEACHER INFORMATION CENTER. Please consider this experience as you would if you were personally meeting our company at an introductory general seminar. I’ve interviewed and trained thousands of music teachers over the years and we would always start off with a general meeting to introduce our company and policies while spending a little time getting to know one another.

Normally, that would be the forum for me to get to know people, determine their capabilities, test, audition them and then, ultimately, approve the teacher to start with their first new student.

However, since I will be interviewing each of you personally via webcam we are using this blog to give you a general job description ahead of your personal interview. We will cover general information that will give you a better idea of the job you will be doing, how you will connect with our students and how you will be paid.


Your job will be to provide one-on-one, private music lessons to beginning and intermediate level students, in the privacy and comfort of their home or office. These lessons will be given in real-time via webcam and the majority of our students sign up to study either piano, guitar, percussion or voice. There are also students studying every instrument imaginable, so let us know about any instruments you own and are comfortable teaching.

Because we present a global presence and offer 24/7 service you will have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to setting your lesson schedule. Once you’ve accepted a student and agreed on a schedule, dependable and consistent performance will be your responsibility and will lead to a dependable and consistent income teaching the art of music.

For each lesson you will need: a dependable computer, high speed internet connection, webcam and your instrument conveniently located near your computer. The lessons will be given on a weekly basis and normally lessons are given in 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour sessions. Let us know what teaching methods and books you prefer to use with your students, though we reserve the right of final approval on any materials.

Also, if you aren’t sure which materials will work the best and would like suggestions on specific teaching methods or books, we will provide many resources to help you determine the best way to motivate and train our students. For your convenience, materials will also be available as a download or in print by mail.

Naturally, the success of any teaching program begins with the teacher. Enthusiasm, knowledge, dependability and consistency are the building blocks of our program. Even though we are an internet based service, we believe in a personal approach and a sense of hospitality. Therefore, our administrative staff are trained to take a proactive role with both our teachers and students to ensure the highest quality service and education.


Prospective teachers will be contacted to set up a convenient interview time. During this interview, we will review your resume and administer a verbal music theory test. This interview will allow us to determine your basic knowledge of music theory as well as your communication skills – both of which are critical to your success in our program.

Your appearance is critical! When working from home it is very easy to “let yourself go” and take on a very casual demeanor. We expect our teachers to present themselves in the most professional manner possible. So, keep your work area clean and free of clutter and dress appropriately. Our students will complain and most likely just quit if they are uncomfortable with your appearance. This interview allows us to look at your ability to function as a teacher using the camera.

Then, if we both are comfortable, you will be given a Teacher Working Agreement which spells out our policies as they pertain to our working relationship. You will be asked to sign a hard copy, which will be mailed to you, and we will also provide a Teacher Instruction Sheet to help get you started. Naturally, our staff is available to answer questions by e-mail or telephone.


Our program is proprietary and unique in nature. It has been designed for both the teacher and student to connect in a very user-friendly manner. We have tried to anticipate many possible scenarios and worked out many of the challenges you might be faced with. Our system will allow you to schedule lessons and meet with students using your web browser and webcam. We have also built in protections for the teachers and the students in case of connections troubles to minimize your downtime and keep the lessons going.


Now, the next step is for us to be in contact with each and every one of you to set up our personal interview time. We expect you to be available precisely at the agreed time, logged in to with your webcam and instrument, just as you would be when giving an actual lesson. If you can not make this appointment, I would ask that you cancel or postpone same with a minimum 24 hour notice.

Thanking you for reading this lengthy message. Looking forward to our first meeting, I remain…

…musically yours,

Marlene Cooper – Director

Teacher Wins Emmy Thanks to One to One Training at the Apple Store – First attempt at filmmaking nabs Larry Newman an Emmy – Softpedia 

Larry Newman combined his love of teaching band in Burbank, CA with his interest in film making to earn an Emmy Award.  Larry runs a program that gives band students in Los Angeles county the opportunity to perform in a live event at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).  Not only does his program give many students their first opportunity to perform publicly, the parents have also noticed that the experience has given their children a huge boost in confidence and a substantial improvement in their grades.

Larry’s interest in movie making led him to take some one-on-one classes to learn Apple’s professional movie editing software, Final Cut Pro.  He then used the knowledge he gained to produce a documentary called “Children’s Music Workshop: 2007 All Schools Honor Orchestra.”

Larry used a high definition camera to document an annual concert performed by 130 students at UCLA.  His film focused on nine of the performers and was awarded the Emmy for the category of “Outstanding Achievement in Children/Youth and Music Programming.”

We at would like to publicly congratulate Larry for his award and thank him for the inspiration his story brings to us all in the music education field.

Once thought to be a copy, this score was recently confirmed to have been penned by Mozart himself.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Lost Mozart score found in France